Meet The Team

We are a team of thinkers, artists
and technical creators


Lost Tribe Media was founded in late 2005 when an economic downturn ousted us from our comfortable, corporate desk jobs. Hoping to avoid the layoff cycle that continually plagues creative workers of the corporate world, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Chris Smith, our President, sent an email out asking if we’d like to meet at a coffee shop, lick our collective paws and figure out where to go next. The tongue-in-cheek subject line of this now fateful email was "Meeting of the Lost Tribe". It doesn’t take a genius to work out what the plan was after that and just one month later (and after checking the domain name was available, of course), Lost Tribe Media was born. 

Freed from the confines of working for a single customer, we could diversify our client base and pool our collective experiences. The idea proved to be successful. Lost Tribe Media has grown to include new faces, divisions and services, but retained the same company values as when we started back in that coffee shop in Akron, Ohio.


(330) 376-7079 x 112
Christopher Smith
  • Company President; heads up the customer relations and business development
  • Has been working in video since the Dead Sea was just sick (and this joke was new!)
  • Social Media maven
  • Has been a Verizon customer for 19 years (doesn’t like change)
  • The slayer of many a technical script as the LTM voice over guy
  • A Civil War and WWII reenactor
  • Hardcore Star Wars and Star Trek fan (can’t we all just get along?)
  • His comic book collection needs its own bedroom
Hannah Raulston
Project Coordinator
  • Master of the schedule
  • Firmly believes in all things paranormal and that she is haunted
  • Taco connoisseur
  • Tina Fey is her idol
  • Has a movie collection of 1000+ titles
  • Obsessed with owls
  • Makes youtube videos that nobody watches
  • Was featured on Nickelodeon for balancing a chair on her face